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Victoria (AUSTRALIA)
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Handicap Categories

A Grade - Plus to 13
B Grade - 14 to 18
C Grade - 19 to 22
D Grade - 23 to 36
Monthly Medal limit - 27

A Grade - Plus to 18
B Grade - 19 to 29
C Grade - 30 to 36
D Grade - 37 to 45

Competition Formats

Medley Competition
Played as four ball Par or Stableford - but two men or two ladies or a man and a lady may pair.

Handicap - 1/2 combined handicap divided by the number of players.

Method of play

  1. Lowest marker is captain of each group.
  2. All players drive from the tee. Best ball is then selected, marked and played. Other balls are lifted and placed within one club length of position of selected ball.
  3. Play proceeds in this manner until ball is holed.

Chapman Foursomes
Both players play 2 shots at each hole with their own ball. One ball is then selected and play proceeds as in foursomes with the partner of the owner of the ball playing the third shot.
Handicap is 3/8 aggregate stroke handicap.

American / Pinehurst Foursomes
Both players play tee shots at each hole, then play a second stroke with their partner's ball. One ball is then selected and play proceeds as in foursomes with the owner of the ball selected playing the third stroke. Handicap allowance is 3/8 of aggregate stroke handicap for stroke competitors.

Four Ball Best Ball Stableford
The Stableford system is used for this competition. However, in 4BBB Stableford two players play as partners although the hole is played by each of them, using their individual full handicaps.
At the conclusion of the hole, that player recording the highest number of points has his or her score entered on the card. If both partners score equally on the hole, the score of the player who first completed the hole will be recorded.
There is no need to record both scores since only the best score is required, as the competition name applies.
The winner is determined by adding the scores for each nine holes and totalling for eighteen holes. The team with the most points is the winner.
To speed up the game, it is customary practice for players to pick up their ball once it is impossible for them to exceed their partner's score.
4BBB Stableford can be played as a mixed, members or ladies event. Ladies use their own tees and scorecard conditions.
Occasionally, clubs run individual Stableford events in conjunction with a 4BBB. The club may require individual results to be recorded on the Four Ball card, or ask for separate cards for the individual event.
When marking the scorecard, the number of strokes taken must always be shown for holes where points are scored. Thus, the card records both strokes and points.

Four Ball Aggregate Stableford
As the name implies, the Stableford system is used in this event and the competition is played with a partner, as in a Four Ball Best Ball Stableford event.

Individual full handicaps are applied to each player and the number of points scored by each player is recorded at the end of every hole, as well as a total or aggregate score for the team.
Players' scores are totalled at the end of nine holes and compared with the aggregate score. This should balance with the total of each player's result.
Both sets of nine holes are added together to give total points for each player and an overall result. The team having the highest number of points is the winner.
When marking the scorecard, note that both strokes and points should be shown.
Often a club will run an individual Stableford event in conjunction with a Four Ball Aggregate event. In this case, the club may determine inindividual results from their Four Ball card, or alternatively, ask for separate cards for the individual events.
Aggregate Stableford can be played as a mixed, men or ladies event. Ladies use their own tees and scorecard conditions.

Four Ball Match Play
This event is regularly played at club level, and generally the same conditions as for individual Match Play apply.
Handicaps are applied by reducing the stroke and handicaps of all players by the handicap of the low handicap player, who will then play off scratch. The other three players are then allowed their resulting handicaps.
Strokes are taken in accordance with the Match Play index on the scorecard. For example, if Player A's handicap is 10, Player B's 22, Player C's 15 and Player D's 11; then Player A would be off scratch, B off 12, C off 5 and D would play off 1.
D would get a stroke at the number 1 hole on the Match Play index, C on holes 1 to 5 and so on.
Once again, players should refer to the Rules of Golf, and in particular, those relating to Match Play.
The match result is determined in the same way as for individual Match Play. Although a scorecard is not officially required, players may choose to keep an official record.