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Traralgon Golf Club eNews - updated 13/4/2108

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  • There will be a General meeting for all members on Thursday 19th April, at 7.00pm in the clubhouse.
  • We have had 4 applications for Marty’s position so far, and we are continuing to advertise for expressions of interest.
  • Barry Dickeson has resigned as Director of House and Lindsay Chard will be filling in until September.
  • To encourage new and junior players there have been the following changes to the juniors’ fees. 

       Junior under 15    $39.00

        Junior 16 – 18       $77.00

        Junior up to 21     $154.00

  • Marty’s send off will take the form of a 3person Ambrose event.  To be held on Sunday, 1st July, with a SGS at 11.00am
  • Vic Roads have marked out the new entry to facilitate the installation of the traffic lights.  There is a plan of the changes on the notice board.


On Thursday the 19th of April at 7pm in the Clubrooms there will be an open meeting of all members to discuss the future running of the Club.

 As you may or may not be aware there are a number of members who have concerns with the operations of the Club and the purpose of the meeting will be to give all members the opportunity to air their views. Harmony within the Club is the only way that we will prosper into the future so whether you agree or disagree with the direction the Board is taking the Club please take the opportunity to air your views.

Jim Hagart, Board Chairperson



Hello Members

I believe there's been quite a lot of social media "chatter" about the club of recent times to which I'd like to respond.

I enlisted Bruce Lawn to go through some historical financial records in an effort to ascertain why the club has fallen into its current financial position. Bruce's conclusion was that our problems have arisen because revenues have not kept up with inflation. Our income in the period 1998-2015 increased by $60K where this figure should be about $170K. Two major areas for this decline have been the drop in Green Fees and the decline in Bar Profits. During this same period our expenditures have been kept under control and have increased by less than C.P.I.

Sometime back I asked Lindsay Chard to take an overall look at Bar operations (including staffing and pricing) in an endeavour to make it more viable. Firstly he looked at our buying prices and was able to negotiate a better deal with our supplier (Monacellars). Next he did a comparison of selling prices with the Bowling Club, the RSL and local hotels and adjusted our prices to reflect these, with prices being set for members, non-members and functions. Some anomalies were found while these pricing adjustments were being made:-  On Tuesdays we had a situation where between 11am & 2pm drinks  were being sold at happy hour prices and anyone playing in the afternoon paid full price. This practice has now been stopped.   On Saturdays some members were buying slabs of beer, for consumption on the course, for $2 above the clubs cost. Firstly its against the charter of "Good Sports Clubs" regarding responsible serving of alcohol and secondly it is not sustainable to sell at these profit margins. It was decided, on Lindsay's advise, that we would no longer sell slabs and members be only able to buy 6 packs. We are still happy to provide bags and ice free of charge and the 6 pack pricing still provides an advantage to normal bar pricing.( e.g. buying a take away 6 pack of Great Northern costs $18 whereas a  member drinking 6 stubbies in the bar would pay $27). This pricing will also be applied to Charity Days and Social club days where the club has, for far too long, been taken advantage of. We are also hoping to contain staffing costs by having some members obtain RSA'S to enable them to take up some of the non-profitable bar hours on a volunteer basis.

All in all we are hoping that all these changes will make the bar more of a club asset and we can continue to enjoy your patronage into the future.

Cheers Jim Hagart 


March 2018 Board Notes

* VicRoads will, shortly, be marking out the new entryway and where the traffic lights will be for us to comment on.

* Leigh Caldwell from WGDGA will be visiting the club in the near future to check the course rating.

* The suggested 9 hole comp. has been deferred due to lack of numbers and will be put forward again in the spring.

* The purchase of alcohol for consumption on the course has been limited to 6 packs not slabs.

* Tonight at 6pm, at the clubhouse, Ron Waanders will be giving a demonstration on the use the defibrillator. All welcome ( sorry about the short notice)

* Thanks to the ProAm committee and to all the volunteers who helped out in what was a most successful event. Probably our best ever!



G'day Members 

The Club continues to work through an exiting time with the Feb/Mar period seeing the running of the Bushnell 4Ball, The Traralgon Classic and the Pro-Am. All these events were successful for us, both financially and in the kudos they bring the club. On behalf of the Board l would like to thank all the volunteers who contributed so much to their success.

We have received news today that the LVA has accepted our submission for about $115k of works to the clubhouse at a cost to the club of about $28k. We are now entering into the next stage of signing contracts for the work. Thanks go to Ian Whitehead and his committee for all the work they have put into this process.

The Clubs advertisement for a new Professional has been listed with the PGA with a closing date in 3 weeks time and we will be hoping to receive some quality applications for the position.

Of ongoing concern for the Board is the performance of the bar which most times struggles to break even. We have made some small changes to pricing, but we will be continuing with happy hour on Friday  between 6&7 pm. We are also endeavoring to get some volunteers to obtain RSA's to take over some of the "dead hours." The easiest way, however, of lifting the bar performance is to increase patronage. So why not give the club a go, whether on Friday night or Saturday after your game?

Cheers, Jim Hagart

February 2018 Notes from the Board.

  • Nathan would like to send all the volunteers who have helped over the past few weeks, his grateful thanks, your help was invaluable.
  • In the next weeks, Vic Roads will be meeting with club members to show where the changes will be made to the club’s entrance.  We will let you know the exact date.
  • Vic Health have asked us to ask you to help with a study they are doing of the local area.  You would have received a leaflet in The Express recently, covering the same survey. To participate visit
  • The West Gippsland Veterans’ Honour boards are to be put up in the spike bar area, and ours are to be updated.
  • Ron Waanders has offered to give a demonstration on how to use the defibrillator machine.  We are hoping to organize it for a Friday evening at approx. 6pm, sometime in March.
  • Interuptions to Lisa.  The board have noticed that many people go to Lisa for information pertaining to golf.  If she is on the phone, or meeting with someone in the office, can you please wait until she is free to speak to you.  We all know how willing Lisa is to help us, but please remember – she has her work to do too.
  • Bonanza night is this coming Friday, 23rd.  Don’t forget to book.



Hello Members

As you are all probably aware we have been having problems with the compressor and we have had to arrange for a new unit to be installed. Unfortunately this work will not be completed until next week so there will be no draught beer again this weekend. Again there will be plenty of icy cold cans and stubbies available to meet your needs. We have also taken the opportunity as part of this process to fix the problems with the coolroom so that in future our packaged beer will be a more palatable temperature. The Monday Seniors have kindly donated $1500 toward the cost of this process and l thank them very much for their generosity.

As of Feb 1st government excise on alcohol has increased so we have taken the opportunity to do a total overhaul of all our bar pricing. At all times we will endeavor to keep our prices competitive with other member clubs in the area.

The board has now received the final recommendations from the sub-committee set up to investigate the way forward for the club post Marty's retirement. These will be considered at next week’s board meeting and we should have some exciting news to report shortly thereafter.      

Cheers Jim Hagart 



Good Morning Members  

The last 3 weekends has seen 3 major events, at our course, of which the club can be very proud, both in the performance of our competitors and also with the professionalism with which we were able to conduct the events. We kicked off on the 14th of January with the Traralgon Plate which was won by our own veteran team of Joe Fenech, Daryl Fricker, Peter Ezard and Alan Axford .

The following weekend we hosted, on behalf of Golf Victoria, a round of the Bushnell 4Ball. Traralgon winners were Margaret & Keith Wylie in the mixed section, Yvonne Ferrel & Irene Boyes in the ladies section. Chris Dunn & Dylan Loprese were runner-up in the mens section and all these players will represent the club in the finals in Melbourne.

This last long weekend we have hosted, once again on behalf of Golf Victoria, the Traralgon Classic which brought together many of the State’s best performed amateur golfers.

The outstanding success that these events have been for the Club both financially and in the kudos they bring is largely due to the enormous contribution made by our volunteers. Far too many to name individually, but on behalf of the board, l want to thank you all. M&P for event organization,  Caterers for the magnificent meals that were provided, all those who helped with course prep. Thanks also go to our bar staff who did well despite trying conditions this weekend. Last but certainly not least to our course staff thanks for presenting the course in the best condition its ever been.

I think we can all be very proud of what the Club has achieved over the last few weekends.

Cheers Jim Hagart    Board Chairperson

January’s 2918 Notes from the Board.

  • Our application for the L.V.A grant is still in progress, while we await quotes on certain jobs to come in.
  • The group looking at what we are to do about replacing Martin have had several options put to them for consideration, and we are hoping for a detailed report from them by early February.
  • The Board would like you all to consider the club’s Social Media Policy before you download anything that could be classed as inappropriate. There is a copy of the policy attached and one will be posted in the spike bar.
  • A request from Daryl – Could members please return their sand buckets to the stands provided at the conclusion of play, also if you see any lying around the place.
  • As you can see by the program book, we are in the middle of a very busy 3 weeks. Our thanks go out to all who have helped prepare the course and to all those who have volunteered to help in any way. You are the ones who make the club a success.
  • Honour Boards - An updated list of names is now displayed on the T.V. screen in the club house which advertises upcoming events etc.
  • Lastly, many thanks to the Monday Seniors for providing new paddles for the Defibrillating machine. There are several people who would like a demonstration on how to use it, and I am looking for someone with an up-to-date First Aid certificate to come and give us a demonstration. The machine does give step-by-step directions, but I am sure that having a demonstration first would give us more confidence, IF we had to use it. If you are able to help, please contact me at, at 5176 0392 or 0458 609 179.


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