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Traralgon Golf Club eNews - updated 17/02/2017

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From Jeff
Hello there members. Was just looking over the notes from the recent board meeting and I’m thinking, ‘Just look here at what’s going on behind the scenes.’ There are board members, staff or committed club members spending serious time to make it all happen. Have a look at some of the stuff below. High profile events coming to the club, the opportunity for some serious money via grants, new equipment purchases that have undergone a thorough process before decisions are made, getting the annual report together, course staff and bar girls continually adding value to their work. And a major plus to our goal to ‘professionalize’ our operations is our new book keeper Lisa, who works 4 days a week. I know you’re thinking I’m always harping on about becoming involved, but the volunteers really do enjoy their contributions. Talk to Ron or Ian. They’ve put a lot in, but they’ve got a lot out of it as well. All of which takes us onto …

Succession Planning
This has been a serious flaw in our culture, but in place now are proper handover structures. We’re not saying our secretary or director of golf will be easy to replace, but both have set up really strong documentation so there will be good guidelines for a new director. Similarly House and Course, currently without a director are well set up for an innovative member. If you are considering a position please talk to Jeff or a board member.

Last Year’s Financials
This has been a major running sore in a year that has borne so many positives for the club. While the auditors had issues since resolved the hold up in recent months has been asked to provide a seemingly never ending stream of what we consider minor … even microscopic detail. We think we have provided everything (though we have thought this before) and the whole thing is waiting for them to sign off. Even so, they have told us mid-August as there is considerable documentation to get collated. We will let you know.

There are a number of members, playing regularly who have yet to meet their financial commitment for this golfing year. Please do so as quickly as possible.

Notes for Annual Meeting.  Thursday September 14 at 7.30.
Nomination forms are in the clubhouse. Hand to Ian, Lisa or bar staff. Nominations will be copied and placed on the noticeboard.

The annual report is scheduled to be available on or before Thursday September 7.

Notice of Motion for the AGM can only relate to a proposed change in the Constitution. The most recent one passed tightened the wording on board nomination closing dates so nominations cannot be accepted after the closing date. Any such motions should be discussed first with the chairperson.

After the AGM, Jeff will open a General Meeting.

But in a departure from past practice questions or discussion points from the floor will be replaced by the member forwarding these questions or discussion points to Tasma Sharp. Tasma  who will act as secretary for the meeting as Ian will be overseas at the date of the AGM. This gives Board members time for a properly considered responses.

Grants:  Best Case Scenarios

Latrobe City:   $5000 for extra cart paving

Latrobe Valley Authority:  clubhouse renovations. More as we know more. Talk to Ian if you are interested in further detail but a small group are getting together a concrete proposal. We are a decent way down the track, but no official approvals at this time.

Good Luck Lyn
Lyn McCulloch has been short listed for Golf Victoria’s Volunteer of the Year Award. Peter and Lyn will be attending the dinner at which the award will be announced.


Major Event Coups for TGC

(Mazda) 4 ball Challenge

A major state wide event, the Victorian 4 ball challenge will take place in Traralgon on Sunday January 21. This is a wonderful recognition of TGC. We are expecting 100 players and we’ll be well recompensed. Mazda were the sponsors of this well recognized event, but new sponsor is yet to be confirmed. Spectators would add to the atmosphere. Think about coming along.

Traralgon Classic:  January 26 to 28. 

This event too has been elevated in status with the winners(s) both male and female receiving entry into the prestigious Vic Open. We had a handful of female players last time. We expect quite a contingent for this one.  It becomes a 72-hole tournament with 36 holes being played on the Saturday.

Friday:                         18 holes shot gun.  Course closed. AM.

Saturday:                      36 hole shot gun. AM and PM. Course Closed. No comp. Spectators welcome.

Sunday:                       18 holes shot gun.  Course closed. AM

Member event Sunday PM:  Shot gun start.  12.45.

Fantasy League
M&P would like a see to a local flavor to major Fantasy League Awards with the Coleman, Brownlow and Norm Smith medals to be linked with local names.


Tees sprayed to eliminate worm casts….great results but very expensive meaning fairways out of the question.

Drainage on 2…. LH bunker…has been completed. No heavy rain to assess success but tests have been promising.

Drainage work on front of 16 also completed. Will be GUR for some time yet, with positive effects being seen in the long rather than short term.

Next drainage task is front of 11:  a long time problem we look forward to rectifying. Bit wet at the moment but this will be another task ticked off as a long term solution.

Couldn’t be happier (and relieved) with the quality of the new machinery.

Carts:  There will be more ropes and more directional signs as the weather gets worse and the course gets wetter. Easy to say ‘no carts’ but having made great efforts on behalf of members staff ask all are mindful and diligent throughout the winter period.

Burn Pile: it finally happened and beyond a few angry car owners we got through without incident. End goal is to grass that area with future smaller burn offs happening in the area between 2 and 7. Fire area will be out of bounds for some time: still quite hot.

Board Note:  Every month Nathan provides a lengthy and highly professional report for the Board. The above is merely a summary of a much lengthier document. We know members appreciate his work around the course, but here is Nathan at work in another dimension.

Still some hassles over the TGC ap. … and entering weekly events on line. Far better via Google Chrome. Re boot or re-install usually works. Talk to Ron if still puzzled.

International Survey for Rules and Handicapping
Share your views and solutions. The R&A and US PGA are conducting international surveys that can be accessed at Deadline for responses. August 7.

Signing Off from News from the Board
As your scribe for 7 years, I now sign off from News from the Board. Suggested by Ron when he came on the board, it’s a significant communication and the feedback from members indicates it’s been well appreciated. I wish the new writer all the best and perhaps he or she might grant me an occasional guest spot, for while I’m not continuing on the board, I shall continue contributing in any way I can to promote and add value to our golf club………………. Ian.



From Jeff:
Hello again members. Very shortly we will be sending out invoices for the coming golf year. We ask that these be paid promptly so that we can progress with plans for the coming year. Typically at this time of year we can lose up to 80 members. Some who don’t renew let us know (usually with a reason) but many others just seem to disappear. This year we are trying to track why this is so. This annual loss is partially made up for with new membership as the year progresses, but as we charge pro rata and as we no longer have a joining fee, this annual ‘hit’ to our finances becomes a big concern.

Golf is a hard (and frustrating) game and the ones who drop by the wayside tend to be social golfers. Not that many seem to move from social to competition golf, so some efforts will be made to make this happen. Do social golfers feel an integral part of the club? I’m guessing not. We have had strong membership growth this year; many younger golfers. But it’s still not making up for what we are losing as at June 30 every year. So members, if you have an opportunity to introduce a potential member, we will give you every support for this.

Annual Meeting:
There will be quite a line up for positions on the board at this AGM. Rick Alexander has resigned his position from the Board so this will create a one year vacancy for Course. We thank Rick for his commitment to the club and are pleased he will continue to serve on the Course Committee. Ian and Ron will not be continuing after a combined commitment to the club of over 16 years. If you are interested in nominating for any position, please contact Jeff or the relevant Board member. Nomination forms will be available from mid-August. Jeff is very keen on succession planning and job sharing, so in theory there should be many hands to make light(er) work for the Directors.

SECRETARY:        2 year term

GOLF:                     2 year term

FINANCE:              2 year term

HOUSE:                 1 year term

COURSE:              1 year term.

Direct Debit Contracts:
Those on direct debit payments this year will be required to sign a contract designed by the providers of this service. The key understanding of this contract is that members are signing up for a 12 month membership. Included in this is information that users of the direct debit option should know about: eg the cost to you should the account default for one or more months ($10 per month).

Latrobe Valley Authority.  Submissions from TGC:
John Cameron has done an enormous amount of work making the case for new equipment, clubhouse renovations and car parks costings. What ends up going into any submission we make to the authority will depend on the tenet of our conversations with that authority. This is a rare opportunity for organizations in the Latrobe Valley, but money must be tied to very specific criteria. It’s more a case of us fitting the LVA rather than the reverse. Simple wish lists won’t cut it, but on behalf of TGC we will be in there. But we do acknowledge John’s work and trust it will provide a solid base for upcoming submissions.

Club Health Check……. And Visionary Matters:
As part of their commitment to affiliates, Golf Victoria conducts club health checks. We seem to have come out of this very well, though the final results are yet to be delivered. Our Board doesn’t include any policy wonks (not your secretary anyway) so the better formalizing of what we have (and what we should have) is one area we need to better address. One question always asked on these occasions is about club vision. Well we do have one and it appears in the first pages of our constitution. Here it is …

The purpose of the association is to promote golf in the local and regional area as a healthy lifestyle activity. The Rules of the game of golf as adopted from time to time by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and Golf Australia shall be adopted by the club.

Darren Cole who coordinates these checks in our area, always throws out a challenge on behalf of GV. This year he asks…. How many clubs from Traralgon, Morwell, Churchill, Moe, Yallourn, Toongabbie and Trafalgar will exist in 20 years time?  Can they all continue to exist?

Autism Fundraiser. Sunday June 25:
With the backing and support from the Board, Barry Dickson and his son Liam are organizing a charity event for Sunday June 25. All proceeds will go the Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre. More details short



From Jeff.
Hi there again everyone. It was nice to do well on a personal level at the pro-am, but as I’ve said many times about my role in the club; it’s not about me. It’s not about anybody. It’s all about the club. The Pro Am committee again deserve our thanks and plaudits for the way this event runs. Year after year, 70 – 80 professionals turn up with a couple of hundred amateurs and the thing runs like clockwork. This committee are all about the club; not themselves. Also about the club and not themselves are….we estimate… another hundred people, who helped out peeling spuds, serving in the kitchen, putting up banners, thanking sponsors, sprucing up the course, selling raffle tickets, neatening the gardens. We can never have enough volunteers. If you play a lot of golf, how about spending an hour or so periodically volunteering to help out the club.  Use a ‘see a job and do it’ model.

Pro Am Facts
Both first and second in the pro-am are in the top 1000 of the official world rankings. Peter Wilson is 956 and Geoff Drakeford is 965. If you google ‘world golf rankings’ it may be different. It appears to change almost daily.

Peter Wilson completed holes 14 to 18 in an incredible 14 shots. Here is the full card. He started on the 11th, taking bogey at 12 and 13.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out
4 5 3 3 3 3 5 3 4 33


10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 In
3 4 5 5 3 2 3 4 2 31

This was a pro-am hat-trick of victories. Peter won recently at his home course Lang Lang and at Yarram. He had 2 chip ins for eagle. One at the 6th and a 27m pitch at 18.

We had three women professionals. Alexandra Orchard equaled the course record with a 72. After Round 1 she was in the top half of the field. These women have attracted a lot of interest and the committee and the PGA are keen to work together developing this.

We acknowledge the $7500 Latrobe City donate to the club in exchange for the event naming rights. At the Pro Am Councilor Graham Middlemiss confirmed the funding for next year.

New Members
We welcome 8 new members since our last meeting. 2 x country.   1 x learner     3 x ordinary   

1 x junior    1 x 9 hole. New members do receive a letter of welcome and a personal email.

TGC ID Cards
We get asked about this periodically. We do not provide these. Letters always available from the club if you travel and wish to establish your identity as a TGC member.  We do this a number of time annually when members travel near and far. Of course your golf link card provides identification if you have a Golf Australia handicap.

Ladies Thank You
A thank you from Ron for the accommodating ladies who gave up the course on Wednesday to allow the course staff to prepare the course.

Match and Play
Division 1 are in the Final for first time in many years. We have a supporters bus hired.

The monthly events are $1000 in profit after 8 events.

The Mazda 4 ball challenge is highly probable to take place at TGC in January.

The Eliminator takes place this Sunday. It’s a good spectacle and well worth a look.

Thoughts with Mark
Goes without needing to say it, that the thoughts of all members are with Mark Henning at this most difficult time.

Funds Around the Valley
The Board continue to seek avenues that might attract funding for the club. Generally speaking private golf clubs find it hard to attract government funds when there are, to the public eye ( meaning  political sympathies) more ‘obvious’ priorities eg; U10 soccer clubs. Nevertheless, as a matter of priority, we are in there having a go. We can be more specific later, but we are not, we can assure you, sitting on our hands.

Sports Memorabilia Prints. From a Deceased Estate
Greg Norman Poster: 30 years old.  As new condition. Believed to be one of a kind.   $660 Sports Memorabilia say will increase in value. They put the price on it.  1m x 60cm. It is in that antique poster style. Not signed but promoted at the time by Swan Brewery.

Limited edition Tiger Woods print 144/950.   $220.     The Board were not interested in purchasing these for the clubhouse, but if anyone is interested I can send you a scanned copy and put you in touch with the executors.




Resignation of Director of House
Due to personal circumstances Darren Stephenson has resigned as Director of House. The board has accepted this and will undertake steps to fill a casual vacancy. At the AGM, nominations for Director of House will be for a one year term.

Intersection of Bank Street and Princes Highway
Vic Roads is investigating and has proposed drawings of safety improvements for this intersection. The preferred option is traffic lights. A round about was considered but would take TGC land (part of 2 holes) and would not coordinate (as can traffic lights) with the railway boom gates. Drawings will be available in the clubhouse.

Although the project is subject to funding, Vic Roads is keen to seek input from the Board and members at TGC. The Board will provide a formal response but members are encouraged to send an email attention Luke Bryant at Vic Roads will explore potential funding over the next 12 months.  Feedback is required by Friday February 24.

Pro Am Update
Again club members will be offered a $20 entry for each day of the Pro Am:  March 30 /31. Entry forms are available in the clubhouse. Most regular playing members will have received their pro-am raffle tickets.  Others will be posted or if in Traralgon hand delivered (at $1 a go, we’re saving >$400). If you would be willing to do some hand deliveries in your area, please email Ian at A combination of car and walking won’t make this a long job.



From Jeff
Hello again members. Ever had a problem with our golf club exit? At various times we have approached Vic Roads to do something about this junction and it seems at long last something is happening. Ron, Andy and I have met with a project manager at Vic Roads, who was keen to gain our perspective. It might be a couple of years in the making, but the project has gone onto a priority list. Traffic lights rather than a roundabout is the proposal and I see from an article in the LV Express that public input is being sought. On Wednesday February 8, between 11.00am and there will be an information booth where members of the public can have their say. Also there is a website where input can be given.

Vic Open
There will be strong interest in this event with Tom Couling gaining entry to the event. If there are members attending please contact Ian or email and we can organize a Season’s Complimentary Pass. This won’t pay for parking ($5 by memory) but will get you into any or all of the four days of the event.

Pro Am Raffle Books
Marty is distributing these for the Men and the Ladies envelopes are upstairs. We will hang onto these at the club until around mid-February after which we will hand deliver or post. Usual arrangement of 10 tickets at $1 each. Don’t forget the Pro Am takes place on March 30 /31 with members being given a cut price entry of $20.

Extreme Weather Policy (Heat)
The TGC Extreme Weather Policy is based on that operating on Melbourne’s sand belt courses. This is the policy for Saturday events. If the 6.00pm forecast temperature on the Friday is 38 degrees or more, then the event converts to an 8.00 shot gun start. There will be no PM competition on such days. The course remains open for those wishing to play in the afternoon, but there will be no competition. With no PM starts for other competitions, some flexibility is possible. The Director of Golf and the Director of Ladies Golf are thus responsible for the arrangements of their respective events.

Course Eyesores
We are looking at seating around the course; not a cheap exercise but we are in the process of getting some prices. 8 – 10 around the course would be a good outcome. Am happy to be given some leads. Contact Ian at

Also the poles on the entry sponsor signs are a bit tatty. Our color consultant Tasma thinks army green is a good blend. Do we have a volunteer out there? We will provide the paint if we have a willing helper(s)

Clubhouse Bookings
We are receiving many inquiries so if you also wish to discuss your needs Darren Stephenson will be available at TGC on a Tuesday after 6.00. Please text or call him on 0407 865 068 if you wish to have a conversation.

Book Keeper Ad.
There will be an ad placed in the LV Express and on our Facebook page for a book keeper. The criteria for the role is enhanced significantly as is the hours employed.

Ruth’s Phone Number
Please change the phone number for Ruth Vanderzalm in your program booklet. The correct number is 74 6473. The error was made by a dyslexic transcriber.

Match and Play
The new App is still a work in progress but the potential of its applications continues. Over 200 sign ups

Monthly events are a well-established niche in the club with regulars and occasional players making up the fields of 25 – 30. The Eliminator has attracted 50 players. Still time to join up.

Monthly Medals will be presented on the day with arrangements made with trophy winners to get the cup engraved at the clubs cost.

Summer Series of Golf will run in 2 pools of 5. 

The knock out events seem stale; how about a 6 hole knockout that can be completed in one day?

The irrigation is starting to pay for itself both in time and in regard to the quality of the course.

Have we got the out of bounds and drop zones right? Ron, Nathan and Rick will get together to discuss the internal out of bounds on 11 and 12 and to create a less attractive drop zone on 18.

New Members
In the last month or so we have welcomed 14 new members. Three of these are past members so it’s great to have new members out and about. The most challenging members to ‘hang onto’ are social golfers who join but don’t re new. Did you know the club has a ‘once only’ learner membership?  A three month try before you buy allows TGC access at all non- competition times. Again many of these don’t transfer to full membership.




From Jeff

Hello Members. The easy thing would be to say …’there’s not enough time,’ and maybe there wasn’t. But the Friday night Monster Raffle and Bonanza Night exceeded all expectations. Including the meals (130 served), the raffle, auction and bar takings we receipted $13 000, with a clear profit of over $7000.  The support from sponsors, members, volunteers and bar staff was exceptional and I thank each and every one for the way you contributed to the success of the night. We learnt a fair bit and we will do it all again…but not too soon.  A balance needs to be struck. In the meantime we will continue our revamp of Friday nights with the clear intention of increasing the patronage in the clubhouse. Some of the initiatives will be golf related, with players then enjoying time in the clubhouse. We do appreciate all the long time support from members. But as we’ve said before, we just want more members to join you.


John Simic’s Betta Home Living         Barbeques Galore      Hello World Travel       Norris Hair

On Course Golf Shop      Bunnings      Monacellars      Forty Winks       Money Sense

Linda Jane Artistry     Traralgon Timber & Hardware      Inter Sport      Momo       Body and Soul

Royal Exchange Hotel     Jump & Climb        Cest Si Bon       TRFM      Green Olive      Spec Savers       Don Louies        Stoddarts Butchers

AUCTIONED – 2 nights Accommodation at Vava-U Kingdom of Tonga including flights for 2 and 2 days game fishing donated by Andrew Pollard and Karen Mustoe

To our members to spent many hours gathering these donations. Won’t name as I’ll miss some.

The recommended retail price is $40 but as a service to members we will sell them at cost: $25. We only have 10 copies. They will be available over the bar.

A ball accidentally touched and moved on the green no longer incurs a penalty. You have to wait until January 1.

We are on track to distribute these in the New Year.

18 holes:  $30   9 holes   $20.  From January 01. We will place these new costs on the web site. There will be no increase in competition fees.

The new app has been well received: 175 downloads. Available from your App Store (TGC)






TUESDAY is the Traralgon Golf Club's OPEN DAY.
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